About Michael

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I am an advocate, consultant, and art enthusiast. I am motivated to use my law degree to help others achieve their goals and reach their potential. I entered law school because of the potential which I saw in the legal profession to promote positive social change and protect creative enterprises. I put my license to use every day to advise entrepreneurs and small business owners on their legal rights while teaching them how to protect their intellectual property. I am proud of the fact that my living is made laying the ground work for freelancers and artists to build successful enterprises through contracts, corporate registrations, and trademark management. I don’t want to go a day without hearing a great new idea, a unique solution to an old problem, or experiencing something that inspires me. If this also sounds like you, then I would like to be your attorney. How can I be of assistance? 

I received my law degree from The John Marshall Law School and a Masters of Law in International Intellectual Property from Chicago-Kent’s College of Law. When I am not flexing my brain as a legal advocate, I enjoy attending concerts, perusing museums and craft fairs, and working with community arts organizations like the Chicago Independent Radio Project and the Video Game Art Gallery. While I am often mistaken for a native Chicagoan due to my love of beer and sub-zero temperatures, I am originally from Wisconsin, where I also went to college for philosophy and moonlit as a band promoter. Currently, I live in the West Town neighborhood in Chicago with my significant other and a furiously cuddly tortoiseshell cat.